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P7 students interview Mrs Kane who is retiring this year.

25th Jun 2015
P7 students interview Mrs Kane who is retiring this year.

Interview with Mrs Kane

By Amy & Lewis


How long have you been teaching in Holy Trinity and when did you start?

I have been teaching here since it opened 14 years ago, I taught in St Micheals Boys PS for 14 years before that.  I first taught in Belfast as a Nursery Teacher.


What is your favourite memory form your time in the school?

I have many wonderful memories of my time here.  Each class is different and each one has given me lovely memories.  The day we got the whole school photograph taken in the tennis court stands out for me.  I felt so proud looking at the sea of pupils faces in the school which I was part of.


What will you miss about Holy Trinity next year?

I will miss the children, all my collegues, having fun and not being busy.


Have you any plans for your retirement a cruise, a foreign holiday or a new car?

I am going to do a little work to my house.  I hope to go and see my sister in America and my daughter in Kuwait.  I have two holidays planned already.


What have been the biggest changes since you started teaching in Holy Trinity ?

The biggest change for me was teaching girls and boys together in one class.  I taught all boy classes when I started at St Micheals Boys Primary.  All the new technology has brought changes.  Since i started Nursery there have been big changes in the Nurserys developmment, every year has brought changes especially to the outside area. 

Can you remember your first day teaching in Holy Trinity, tell us about it?

My first day in Holy Trinity, then known as St Michaels Boys Primary School,  was teaching a P7 class.  It was daunting to see so many boys in one room.  Some of them were even taller than me.