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P4 students interview Mrs Donegan who is retiring this year.

24th Jun 2015
P4 students interview Mrs Donegan who is retiring this year.

Interview with Mrs Donegan

by Katie & Eimear.

How long have you been teaching in Holy Trinity and when did you start?

I started teaching in 1977 in St Michaels Boys Primary School.  It was my first permanant job.  I left college in 1975 and did a bit of Sub. work before that.


What is your favorite memory from your time in the school?

I have so many good memories it is hard to pick one.  My personal memories, my marriage and the birth of my sons, were special and celebrated with my school collegues and the children in my class.


What will you miss about Holy Trinity next year.

The children, the staff and the daily routine.


What are your plans for retirement, a Cruise, Foreign Holiday or a new car?

I have lots of plans.  I have a new grandchild to visit in Edinburgh, lots of weddings to attend, plenty of travelling to do, I may even have a holiday in the West Indies.


What have been the biggest changes since you started teaching in Holy Trinity?

There have been lots of changes over the years; changes in the curriculum, much more paperwork, the introduction of much more computer work and interactive white boards.


Can you remember your first day teaching in Holy Trinity, tell us about it.

I certainly can.  I arrived at St Michaels, Cornagrade on 1st September 1977.  There were Nuns and a Brother teaching in the school at that time, Brother Peter was the Principal.  The staff included a lot of teachers who had taught me when I was in primary school.  These included my P2 teacher, Mrs O'Hare, and my P3 teacher, Mrs McMahon, who had brought me to my first confession.

I was to be a P3 teacher as the school was introducing a 3rd class to the year group.  There was no classroom for me so I had to teach in the school gym!  I had 30+ children in my class.  I was made feel very welcome by everyone at the school.  Eventually a male teacher changed classrooms with me and i got into what is now Mr Morris' room on KS2 (Cornagrade).  I met a lady called Miss Fox on my first day, she had been appointed to P2 the previous year.  Despite the fact that she lived very near to me i had never met her before.  We became close friends and that friendship has continued to this day.