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Holy Trinity Primary School, Enniskillen

Mr Starrs class take part in an archaeological dig

13th Oct 2021

Mr Starrs class took part in an archaeological dig with Catherine Scott this week.  It was an exciting dig and the children were very keen to discover something very old. They found some very old crisp packets a very old pipe. 

Caitlin wrote a piece on her archaelogical dig experience

Primary 7 Digging Deep!  In the past week the three P7 classes have been digging to try and identify what Enniskillen was like in the past.  Catherine from the museum gave us a very interesting talk about the backstreets, about what the houses were like and what life was like back then.  I hope the digging will let other children, as well as me, see what life was like for some of our older family members and allow each of us to realise how lucky we are nowadays.

I had so much fun when we went to the dig that I went back for more! I found some interesting things the first time I went.  I found a tap, a knife, old crisp packets and some broken pottery. When I went back I found a white stick which looked a bit like a twig until we cleaned it up.  We found out it was a smoking pipe that could age back to the 1800s. I also found a marmalade jar, a piece of a beer bottle, more pottery and pieces of a brick that possibly could have been from a house.

While I was digging we found a metal pattern underneath the dirt so we made a theory that it could have been the lane of the courthouse. I hope to keep archaeology going in my life as I find it quite interesting and fun. I’d like to thank all the people who made this possible for my class and for the other two classes also. 

By Caithlan P7 Mr Starrs